Why we do NOT use old shipping containers




  • Condensation can appear when storing in shipping containers
  • Worse during cold, damp weather
  • Shipping containers may have water in the floors from previous uses
  • Even new containers may have some moisture inside
  • May damage your valuable property

Your items will contain moisture – even a bed mattress has a water content, as do household items such as dishwashers, clothing, washing machines, fridges and freezers. During temperature changes, the moisture will turn to vapour and ultimately become water droplets on the ceiling – which then start falling onto the floor and stored items, causing your goods to get damp and musty.

After many years in the industry we have become a seasoned veteran in this subject. It’s why we don’t use or recommend shipping containers.

Why is Container Storage cheaper than Warehouse Rooms?

Shipping containers are classed as portable and therefore do not attract business rates.

Risk of Thefttheft

They are portable, and  therefore at risk of theft.

Who holds the key to your security?padlock

Most shipping containers used for self-storage have special padlocks supplied by the operator.

The storage operator keeps the key, as the locks have to be suitable for outside use.

At mylockup.com all our rooms are within a locked, alarmed and CCTV covered unit, we believe in you, and that only you should have the access to the room.