Taking Action

So…….the self storage industry is taking action.
In this business we are used to dealing with people in distress. Although not usually on this level. I am freshly back from a self storage conference in Austria where we discussed using our nationwide self stores as drop off points. The whole industry is pulling together to help these poor souls. The response so far has been magnificent, our banners are being printed, I have an interview on TFM radio tomorrow. Our aim is for a full Self Storage convoy of aid laden vehicles to travel to Poland where our Polish friends, LessMess Self storage will kindly stock and distribute our items to some of the 900,000 or so Ukrainian families who have so far arrived in Poland. We may not be able to get to Putin but our hearts and generosity can get to the Ukrainians.
There are managers of Storage facilities all over the country unloading and sorting and repacking, toiletries, clean clothing and bedding , non perishable foodstuffs etc.
We should be so proud of our staff and our industry.
Thank you all
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