Packing for your unit

Organising storage space

Here’s our top ten tips on how to make the most of your storage space.

A handy guide of how to make the most of your space

So, you’ve already made the best decision by deciding to store with and now it’s time to start packing up your belongings and getting them into your personal storage room. The idea of sorting a lot of items can be daunting but don’t panic we are here to help! The more organised you are putting your belongings into storage the better you will feel when it’s time to get it all out again.

Clean as you go

It might seem a trivial task but cleaning as you put things into storage will really help in the long run. By leaving things as they are you run the risk of mould developing while in storage especially on kitchen items. Giving them a quick once over will give you peace of mind it also means you won’t have to clean everything when it comes back out. Make sure if you do decide to give some things a good scrub that they’re completely dry before packing so as not to get any damp in your boxes.

Disassemble large items

You will save so much room in your unit by flat packing large items of furniture. Dismantling bed frames is a good start. Remember to use a strong tape to tape all the parts of the frame together. Next pop all the screws and fiddly bits into a sandwich bag with a scrap of paper saying which item it belongs to and attach this to the frame as well, that way everything is kept together and you will know what it’s for!

Don’t worry if things don’t dismantle

You know that solid, antique wardrobe that’s big and bulky and you’re worried it’s going to take up too much space? Think of it as a unit within a unit! Once it’s inside pop some of your smaller boxes inside it perhaps with breakables in then they will be even more secure!

Choose the right boxes

It’s really tempting to go out before you’ve started sorting and buy some fancy containers with pretty patterns on- don’t! You should be getting some good heavy-duty packing boxes in a variety of sizes; we can sell you a range of boxes at your convenience.

The key things to remember are:

  • Small boxes = Heavy items
  • Large boxes = lighter items

Don’t overload your boxes, when they are full, they should remain square and not be bulging at the seams.

Label, label, label!

A good marker pen is key when packing. Every box should be labelled with the room it belongs in, the contents, and arrows showing the direction of stacking. Try and keep like with like as much as possible.

Tip: Don’t forget to mark if it’s fragile or not!

Wrap your furniture

We have a good selection of wrapping materials available for furniture should you need it. You should think about putting covers over fabric sofas, chairs and mattresses to avoid them gathering dust. You can use corner protectors on large wooden furniture to prevent them being knocked in transit or while they are stacked up next to other items. Packing your sofa cushions and other soft furnishings into large bags also helps, these can stack easily on top of larger items of furniture.

Manage your time

For full house moves, commit to doing one room a day and don’t stop until it’s done. You will be able to focus completely on that room and will be able to decide which items you need, which need to go into storage and which you no longer want.

Pack delicate items with care

Use plenty of bubble wrap on breakables and use packing nuggets to separate items so they don’t end up clashing together. With items such as glasses and china be sure to wrap each item individually- old newspapers also come in handy!

Think ahead

Plan how you put things into your unit. Are there some items that you might need access to? If you think ahead you can make sure these items are near the front of your unit, so you aren’t having to climb through all your belongings when you need them.

Don’t worry!

We are here to help you every step of the way from packing advice and materials, to recommending removals and people who can do the packing for you. Once your belongings are locked in your unit you can relax knowing that they are safe, secure, dry and easily accessible to you 365 days a year!

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