Contents Protection

Contents Protection – Store Protect

We recognize that our secure facility is well managed, however despite our best intentions there may be issues that occur outside of our control and we want to remind you again of this useful benefit.

Why do I need protection?

Having self storage protection is a requirement of renting a storage unit in the UK, and, accordingly, one that we require all of our customers to comply with. It is important not to under value your goods.

While you are under no obligation to use our own Contents Protection under Store Protect, we can arrange this for you starting from as little as £7.20 per calendar month for £1000 of contents value.. You will need to protect for the true value of your goods for when you move in.

What does Contents Protection cover (and not cover)?

Our Contents Protection covers you while your goods are held on our premises. Your policy will not cover damage incurred while goods are in transit, when they’re left in public areas, or while they’re being loaded or unloaded from our bay.

In the event that you need to make a claim, it will be settled by replacement, repair, or compensation – depending on what deems most appropriate. If the result is total destruction of the item or complete loss, you’ll receive the cost of replacing the item as new.

If, at any point, you need to change your level of Contents Protection cover, you should communicate your request to the relevant store manager in writing.

You may request a copy of our T&C and details of Store Protect prior to taking out storage with us. Please do this via our contact page and we will be happy to email them to you.

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