Storage in Containers

When looking for self-storage, you might come across offers of storing in containers.These are ex-shipping containers. If you do a Google search for “condensation in shipping containers” you will find information on the problem of damp in these containers. This damp can ruin your belongings.

We don’t use shipping containers. After many years in the industry we have become a seasoned veteran in this subject. It’s why we don’t use or recommend shipping containers.

Your items will contain moisture – even a bed mattress has a water content, as do household items such as dishwashers, clothing, washing machines, fridges and freezers. During temperature changes, the moisture will turn to vapour and ultimately become water droplets on the ceiling – which then start falling onto the floor and stored items, causing your goods to get damp and musty.

Here’s a screenshot of a Google search – you can see it’s a problem. If a storage company uses containers and says condensation is not a problem, who do you believe? Just check for yourself: