About Us

About Us

MyLockup - BridlingtonWe began our self storage business over 10 years ago from a site we have owned since 1989 and we were one of the first self storage facilities in Yorkshire.

Kevin and his son Tom built the units and Bridget his wife booked in our customers. Steve then joined us and we opened a second branch in Northallerton.

Since then our caring attitude has meant that we now have 9 branches open and 3 more in the pipeline.

We use units for our own personal storage so we are as vigilant as you would be about the security of the units.

Our philosophy is simple, provide a great service at competitive prices and we will keep busy.

Because we own the freehold of our sites (with the bank) it means that we can remain competitive yet still offer a great service.

We are not here today gone tomorrow, we care passionately about giving you the best prices, the best security and the best service for your goods… the answer’s always YES