7 Tips to Add Value to your Home

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7 Simple Home Improvement Tips to Add Value to your Home for less than £10K

Front Door

First impressions count, does your front door look smart? One of the most cost-effective things to add value to your home is to paint the front door and/or change the door furniture to make it look inviting. A new door knob and brass letterbox can be bought for less than £50.

Front Hall

On the subject of first impressions, this is the first time a buyer sees the inside of your house. Often a front hall is narrow and filled with bulky items like prams, scooters or bikes. Make the front hall look spacious by clearing the clutter and moving junk mail off the sideboards. A top tip; hang one or two large mirrors to create the illusion of a larger wider area.

Change your Kitchen

Often the most important factor in maximising value for your home can be defined by the state of the kitchen – is the kitchen modern, fresh and functional? Nowadays the kitchen isn’t just used for cooking, it is the hub of the home used for homework, socialising, entertaining and watching TV. A multi-functional kitchen/diner can be more valuable than a narrow pokey kitchen leading into a small dark dining room. If the walls between the two are not load bearing, you should consider knocking though to create one bright wide airy space suitable for modern living. Remember, keep the cost of your kitchen in the equivalent bracket to your home, don’t over spec it.

Update your Bathroom

After looking for a modern kitchen the 2nd most popular room buyers are attracted to is a modern bathroom. This needn’t be an expensive job if your bathroom is already functional. Fitting bright modern LED lighting, a new mirror and perhaps new wall and floor tiles may be all it takes to transform a room from looking a touch out of date to something bright, modern and appealing.

Paint the outside of your home

Another great low cost option to make your home look smart, well maintained and up to date, and it will often be the very first thing a person sees.

Consider bringing the outside in

If your kitchen / diner or living room is at the back of the house, consider installing floor to ceiling glass like French doors or sliding doors. These make the home feel bright and airy and your garden or back yard can become an extra entertainment space, especially if you have a decked or paved area with seating.

Cluttered Rooms

Rooms full of clutter make rooms appear small and devalue your home. Show off each room off in all its glory. Get rid of unnecessary furniture, potential buyers are not interested in your huge doll collection in the spare room or the sideboards and tables cluttered with assortments of porcelain figures and plates. Consider getting rid of them or if that seems too extreme pack them up and put them into a secure self storage unit, where you can rent a small room for less than you spend on your weekly Starbucks fixes!

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